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What national and international homologations do Kingom mud flaps have?

Kingom manufactures nationally and internationally homologated truck mud flaps, hence they pass all quality controls and technical inspections that commercial vehicles are regularly subjected to. In addition to complying with the EEC directive, Kingom mud flaps are homologated by INTA, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology. This public research body [...]

What European regulations does Kingom’s anti spray mud flaps manufacture comply with?

The anti-spray mud flaps manufactured by Kingom for trucks meet all the homologation requirements for the dissipation of water, currently established by the European Parliament and the Council Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 of November 27, 2019. The previous Regulation (CE) nº 109/2011 establishes the obligatory nature of use of anti-spray systems [...]

What products does Kingom manufacture?

The Kingom company specializes in the manufacture of rubber mud flaps, side bands, bumpers and other accessories for commercial vehicles. Mud flaps are products of great resistance and durability that we produce in rubber, PVC or polypropylene. Their size and design can be customized according to the client requirements. Kingom [...]

How does KINGOM contribute to the environment by the manufacture of rubber mjud flaps?

The reuse of tires in the manufacture of rubber mud flaps contributes to the environment mainly because it extends the useful life of a product that takes more than a hundred years to break down. Burning tires releases highly polluting toxic substances to the environment such as mercury, carbon monoxide [...]

How are tires recycled for the manufacture of rubber mud flaps?

The recycling of tires for the manufacture of rubber mud flaps follows a series of steps that contribute to a better use of resources. After collecting the disused tires from various workshops and clients, these are exhaustively classified to determine their processability and the industry where they are destined (manufacture [...]