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Differences between rubber, PVC and polypropylene flaps

Rubber flaps are the most resistant ones, as they can withstand adverse weather conditions for more than fifteen years. The PVC flaps are more affordable and versatile, but they are also top quality and can be adapted to specific customer needs. Finally, polypropylene flaps are just as strong as rubber [...]

What materials can truck mud flaps be made of?

There are three types of materials used to manufacture truck mud flaps: Rubber PVC Polypropylene Although each material has its own advantages, they all mainly stand out for the common characteristics that define them: quality, strength and customisation. Contact us

How to fix truck mud flaps to the mudguard?

At Kingom, truck mud flaps are attached to the mudguard by means of an anti-spray assembly that simplifies installation. This set consists of a mudguard, a custom flap and 4 clamps. This allows to supply the entire part surrounding the wheel in a single piece, which allows a reduction in [...]

What type of truck mud flap sizes are available?

Most of Kingom's truck mud flaps fit today's truck models, although it is possible to customize them to suit customer needs. However, 10 different flap sizes are available at European level, depending on whether we deal with light or heavy vehicles. Kingom also offers two advertising sizes for light and [...]

How can truck mud flaps be customised?

Kingom's truck mud flaps range can be customised according to each customer's needs. The best option is to include the name of the company, logo, telephone and even the website - if available. Such customization is performed with serigraphy and texture, allowing more striking, colorful and resistant designs. Prior to [...]