This environmentally friendly, easy-to-clean 600×1000 anti-spray truck mud flap model is intended for double wheels and is currently made of rubber, a material that optimally adapts to temperature changes, withstanding -25º and 70ºC temperatures. Ref.: K60100

The 600×1000 double wheel flap is approved according to Directive 109/2011CEE and allows you to pass MOT without any problem.

The MOT approved anti-projection system has vertical and horizontal lines with an absorption capacity up to 78% of the water accumulated in the tyres and avoids splashes and nebulae.

All our customization systems include a perfect adherence treatment of your logo. We have 3:

  1. Relief painting/colours
  2. Relief rubber/colours
  3.  Screen printing colours

Anti-spray flap double wheel 600 x 1000

  • Width: 600 mm.
  • Length: 1000 mm.
  • Thickness: 8mm.

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