This environmentally friendly, spray-approved, double-wheel truck mud flap is manufactured in two materials according to the Official Directive and European Regulation:

  • Rubber: Flexible and resistant material, it is one of the most demanded materials in our country.  Rubber is a material that perfectly adapts to temperature changes, withstanding temperatures of -35º and 70ºC. Ref.: K6040
  • PVC: Flexible and lightweight material. PVC has a temperature resistance of -25º and 70ºC.Ref.: K6040PVC

It also features a MOT approved anti-projection system with vertical and horizontal lines and a 78% water absorption capacity. Thanks to it, the water is diverted towards the asphalt, avoiding the splashes and the water nebula.

On the other hand, and thanks to the anti-spray system incorporated in our truck flaps, these can be easily cleaned and prevented from coming off as a result of the accumulation of mud and dirt.

Finally, it is fully customizable so you can add the logo of the company it represents so that potential customers can see it. Flap customization can be performed through three systems:

  1. Relief painting/colours
    2. Relief rubber/colours
    3. Silkscreen colours

Anti-spray double wheel flap 600 x 400

  • Width: 600 mm.
  • Length: 400 mm.
  • Thickness: 8mm

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